The Quick and Easy way to win the Lottery-it’s right under your. . .


A lot of people say “When I win the lottery…”, followed by the fantastic, generous, greedy, philanthropic, misguided, whimsical, etc., things they will by or places they will go.  I had a friend while I was living in Southern California, who faithfully bought his lottery tickets twice a week.  He told me “Rich, I hope I DON’T  win a million dollars”  Incredulous, I asked him why not?  I assumed he bought Lotto tickets every week so he would win a million dollars. His answer:  “If I win a million dollars, it’s just enough to screw up my life.  I’ll think that I have a bucket of money, overspend, and probably end up worse off than I was, and surely broke.”  He followed that up with “Nope, if I win the Lottery, it better be in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.  Then it’ll be tough for me to screw it up.”


What the heck does this have to do with appliances?  At  we try to answer these kind of probing questions.  I recently read a post that says the socks lost in your dryer turn into Tupperware lids.  Funny, yes, but I knew it was misleading.  I KNOW where the socks go.


Here’s a typical scenario.  You (and I hope I am addressing men as well as women) sort your laundry, pile it up, and one pile by one pile, you put it in the washer then the dryer.  In the folding or putting away part of this routine, you discover you’re missing a sock.


Before I continue, I have a permanent solution to lost socks.  Do as I do, and only buy black or white socks.  You can’t tell me you need those argyle or chartreuse or whatever the heck other weird socks.  Black. . . .White.   It’s the KISS principle.


Since 93.7% of you won’t do this, to the 6.3%:  You are truly amazing individuals.  I’ll continue.  You look thoroughly inside the dryer drum; you pull out the lint filter; you put your nose to the carpet, like a bloodhound, and sniff your way back to where you started, several times.  Finally you give up.  The freakin’ dryer ate another sock.  Go figure.


Meanwhile, that lowly sock, is snickering at you, while it’s lying comfortably under the dryer (or the washer), or sometimes behind the washer or dryer.  Now, I have to admit that occasionally the dryer will eat a sock.  Not exactly, but there is a seal between the dryer drum and the dryer frame, that allows the drum to turn freely, but keeps the warm air inside.  Once in a blue moon [in case you ever wondered, a blue moon is the third full moon of a season] a sock or other small garment will work its way passed the drum seal, and end up in the dryer cabinet, where it will rest for eternity.  This can actually happen in the washer as well, whether you have a front load or a top load washer, so the lost sock might have been eaten by the washer, not the dryer.  A good preventative measure to use is a small “lingerie bag”, to wash tiny garments.  How many baby garments have been “lost” in the laundry??


Not too often, but once in a blue moon, we are called out on a dryer or washer problem where the cause is the lost garment.  Don’t fret about it.  I thought you just might want to know.


So, what about winning the lottery?????  If you take a little time and clean under your washer and dryer, you are likely going to find a lot of lost items (I found a missing diamond ring once), and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find that lottery ticket, and maybe you’ll go online or down to the Quickie Mart, and become an instant millionaire.  Someone has to win, right?


Thanks for listening, and if you happen to need a dryer repair, go to


Rich Johnson

October 12, 2015