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Snake in the gas…

Oven Snake Removal… at your service. We got a call today to remove the panels of a stove. Just that, no more. Why, we asked would you need us to do this. Customer: “For full disclosure, my corn snake is inside.” Of course we had no way of slithering out of this one. So we […]

Light at the end of the tunnel is NO train

(Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash) You are customers, but you might be interested in some “behind the scenes” information about the appliance repair industry over the last 25 years. I’ve been reading and pondering a lot about the course of the human culture, and how it relates to the appliance repair industry, and specifically […]

Temperature Controls-Why are they so wacky?

On cold mornings, my wife Jen, gets into the car, and immediately cranks the heater temperature up to 112 degrees or whatever the highest setting is. She wants the car to get toasty as quickly as possible. I don’t utter a word (because I know when to shut up, most of the time). But the […]

You Are Loading Your Dishwasher the Wrong Way!!

Silverware up or silverware down? That’s just one question to ask about loading your dishwasher. How about whether to pre-rinse or not? What do you do, and why? What the heck is rinse aid for? On the silverware question, I agree with the segment on the Today Show. You can watch it here: They […]

So, you want to move your appliances??

Contributed by: Attention 2 Detail Moving One of the hardest parts of a move is getting the appliances out of your old home, and into your new one. They are big, bulky, and some of them are incredibly difficult to lift, like a refrigerator. You have two options. You can try and figure out how […]

Antiques stoves look great, but don’t ignore the Good, Bad, and Ugly

About 20 years ago, I ran across the most beautiful Okeefe & Merritt stove. It was in awesome condition (not the one pictured). It had a chrome top with four burners and a bitchin’ pancake grill in the middle. The built in salt and pepper shakers were still perfect, and the clock (though not working) […]

The Quick and Easy way to win the Lottery-it’s right under your. . .

A lot of people say “When I win the lottery…”, followed by the fantastic, generous, greedy, philanthropic, misguided, whimsical, etc., things they will by or places they will go.  I had a friend while I was living in Southern California, who faithfully bought his lottery tickets twice a week.  He told me “Rich, I hope […]

You have better odds in Vegas-Don’t lay your refrigerator down!

  If you like going to Las Vegas, you should know that the Craps table has ok odds. If you bet the minimum on the pass/don’t pass, then add an odds bet behind it, all you need to do is catch a ‘run’, and make a few bucks. If you don’t care for Vegas (or […]

Un-sexy remodeling tips everyone should know

    Lately I’ve run into a couple of situations that lead me to give you some invaluable tips when you are planning or executing either a remodel, or building a new structure. I know you’ve heard the saying “plan ahead”, and I also know that remodeling sometimes has to happen “on the fly”. I […]


Visit Here are a few useful dishwasher tips that dishwasher owners should know to make sure they are getting the great results from their dishwashers. General Dishwasher Tips Always scrape off excess food before loading. There is no need to wash your dishes in the sink first when using modern dishwashers and high quality […]