Here are a few useful dishwasher tips that dishwasher owners should know to make sure they are getting the great results from their dishwashers.

General Dishwasher Tips

  • Always scrape off excess food before loading.
  • There is no need to wash your dishes in the sink first when using modern dishwashers and high quality Finish® products.
  • Load and sort dishes according to manufacturer instructions, allowing water to circulate and reach all items. See How to Load a Dishwasher
  • Ensure sprayer arms can rotate and spray water freely. They get blocked by large items such as utensils and pan handles so always give the sprayer arm a spin before pressing start.
  • Avoid using old or damp detergent (as its cleaning abilities would be limited) and use a high quality Finish® detergent.
  • Read and follow all the detergent pack instructions and use right dosages.
  • Finish® rinse aids offer spot and film protection, boost drying results, and deliver shine.
  • Remove and clean the filters regularly.
  • Use Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner to clear build-up of grease and limescale once a month.

Energy and water saving dishwasher tips

  • Do not pre-rinse dishes by hand.  Energy Star says on average, a consumer uses 20 gallons of water per load pre-rinsing dishes.
  • Fully load the dishwasher, leaving room for water to circulate.
  • Use the auto or normal wash cycle as your every day program.
  • Check and clean drains, filters, sprayer arms and rubber seals regularly to ensure efficient operation.