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Snake in the gas…

Oven Snake Removal… at your service. We got a call today to remove the panels of a stove. Just that, no more. Why, we asked would you need us to do this. Customer: “For full disclosure, my corn snake is inside.” Of course we had no way of slithering out of this one. So we […]

Temperature Controls-Why are they so wacky?

On cold mornings, my wife Jen, gets into the car, and immediately cranks the heater temperature up to 112 degrees or whatever the highest setting is. She wants the car to get toasty as quickly as possible. I don’t utter a word (because I know when to shut up, most of the time). But the […]

The Quick and Easy way to win the Lottery-it’s right under your. . .

A lot of people say “When I win the lottery…”, followed by the fantastic, generous, greedy, philanthropic, misguided, whimsical, etc., things they will by or places they will go.  I had a friend while I was living in Southern California, who faithfully bought his lottery tickets twice a week.  He told me “Rich, I hope […]

Home Warranty Insurance-Is it the bee’s knees?

Is pulling a youngster out of the dryer a repair covered by your home warranty??  What good is that home warranty insurance policy you just got with your new home, or bought as your ‘repair anything’ policy?  Is it fool’s gold, or better than sliced bread? Most people learn about home warranties when they buy […]

Un-sexy remodeling tips everyone should know

    Lately I’ve run into a couple of situations that lead me to give you some invaluable tips when you are planning or executing either a remodel, or building a new structure. I know you’ve heard the saying “plan ahead”, and I also know that remodeling sometimes has to happen “on the fly”. I […]

Convert your tiny space into a Tiny Apartment!

This is a story of why I am a genius.  I was really looking forward to a relaxed weekend.  That all ended when Jen and I discovered that our 40 gallon propane, AO Smith water heater was bleeding to death.  The picture is of this champion of tanks, lying in state.   This might normally […]