Convert your tiny space into a Tiny Apartment!


This is a story of why I am a genius.  I was really looking forward to a relaxed weekend.  That all ended when Jen and I discovered that our 40 gallon propane, AO Smith water heater was bleeding to death.  The picture is of this champion of tanks, lying in state.


This might normally be a pretty quick operation, but I looked at it as an opportunity to repair the drywall holes in the water heater closet, and tie into electric and water for our shed, from inside the water heater closet.  This was something I was anticipating doing when it was time for a new water heater.  Now was the time.  First step was removing the old water heater, and doing a temporary installation of the new one, adjacent to the water heater closet.  This temporary installation was only necessary because of Jen.  I, being the brutally manly man that I am, could survive with cold showers (or no showers).  But, you know, “happy wife, happy life”.


Everything was going smoothly, and I was ecstatic about how it all turned out.  I was painting primer on the walls (even I like a pretty room), and admiring what a beautiful space it was, when a thought came to me.  It was, in all modesty, complete and utter genius.


I don’t know about where you live, but in California, there is a dearth of rental units.  It is particularly acute in the area where we live, which is close to Cal Poly University, and 17,000 students.  This came to mind.  You may also be aware that there is a growing interest in “Tiny Houses”.  They are popular enough that HG TV has a program devoted to them called “Tiny House Hunters” .  I am somewhat of a devotee of Dale Carnegie, who coined the phrase “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  I was gonna make me a big ‘ol pitcher of lemonade!  If they can make a livable house in under 200 square feet, why can’t I make an apartment even smaller.


With a little ingenuity, and stuff I mostly had lying around, I completed the apartment, and put the following ad on Craigslist:


“Furnished single room ‘tiny’ apartment with private entrance.  Includes stove; single stand up bed, bathroom, television, access to yard, shared wash line, easy to clean.  No pets. No smokers.  Utilities included.   9 square feet.  Please respond to set  up viewing appointment.


The response to my ad was overwhelming.  I thought all I would get was college students, but ended up renting it to a 91 year old man.  Earl is a sweetheart.  He was sold on it because of the SUB (stand up bed).  I was sold on him because of what he said:  “I always wanted to die standing up, and the odds are now swingin’ in my favor”.

Here are the pictures of this awesome space, starting with the entry:

PC_blogPics05-31-15_2 PC_blogPics05-31-15_3

PC_blogPics05-31-15_4 PC_blogPics05-31-15_5 PC_blogPics05-31-15_6

First, stepping up to the front door, I left the water heater installed outside (hell, it’s California!). When you open the door, WOW, you are struck by the total utility (and beauty) of the space. I used an industrial look for the lighting, and the water heater vent pipe provides great ventilation. The S.U.B. (stand up bed) is high quality, top of the line, and it makes watching the latest espisode of “House of Cards” very comfortable. I really like the look of the antique vanity sink, and the hand held shower can easily be used by stepping just outside the front door (a courtesy curtain is included). The toilet is standard size, and I don’t care how drunk you get, you’ll never fall off it! Cool outdoor wash line will be shared with the main house residents (Jen and me).


You too can get into the income property game with the complete plans for converting your tiny space into a valuable apartment.  AND, since it is under 120 square feet. . . NO permits!  Just send your $29 check or money order, along with $18.75 for shipping and handling, to get a set of plans.  If you act now, I’ll even throw in my latest plans and instructions for “You can do AirBNB:  Convert you hall closet or large chest of drawers into a very cozy sleeping room”  Cha-ching!


Peace Out