You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. . .Sink in a Washer

The technology developed over the last 15 years or so will continue to weep into appliances (and appliance repairs). Not only are manufacturers using tech to increase efficiency, they are developing new niches that can command higher prices for their products. Check out the latest washer, that has a built in sink. Hey, maybe you can wash the dog in there?!?!??

Sink-in–Washing Machine

So what do you buy???? First, anyone who has to have the latest, whatever-it-is, click on some other blog, cuz that’s not my bag. My basic suggestion is to avoid any feature you haven’t had in the past, or at least wait until a new feature has been proven over a period of time. Take the time to look at reviews of whatever it is you want to buy. Use the old KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Sales people (whom I love) are trained to offer you all the latest gadgets, which typically translates into a higher priced item. The real question is “Will I use the “Extra Rinse” feature?”; “Do I really want to change my refrigerator temperature with my phone?”. You get the picture. It’s cool stuff, but if you won’t really use it 1) Why pay more for it, and 2) Any added feature just increases the possibility of a needed repair, which will, again, cost you more money.  Good for Peoples Choice Appliance Repairs, but maybe not so good for you.

Now, if you want to be so cool, that whatever you touch freezes, then you gotta get this little niche product.  How about a $400 toaster.  At that price, it better feed it to you as well! (maybe it does, I didn’t read all the details)

$400 Toaster (with 8 speed transmission)

You may want your appliances to look good, and match your decor, but in the end you need them to do the job, be fairly priced, and last forever.  Take your time, look at reviews, and don’t get what you won’t use.