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Would you like to put your skills into a career where you:

  • Use your mechanical and electrical problem solving ability,

  • Have continual customer contact and,

  • Work independently?

If you want stability, long term growth, a good independent work environment, and good benefits, we may be your fit. You need to bring a good understanding of electrical circuits, general mechanical abilities, an excellent customer service attitude, and great communication skills.

Technicians and office employees all use computer systems for our work input, customer tracking, and job tracking, so you will need to be comfortable with standard computer skills as well.

If you want to find out more about general qualifications, and what an Appliance Technician career is about, including pay scales, go to, and search “Home Appliance Repairers.

Peoples Choice is a small home appliance repair company serving San Luis Obispo County. Everyone here is in for the long haul.