Peoples Choice Appliance Repairs
When our business is slower, we would like to use that extra time as an opportunity to help individuals in our community, who are financially challenged, with their appliance repair problems, at little or no cost. Instead of cutting the hours of our employees, we can put some of their down time to good use. We may offer our time only, or in some cases, parts as well. Springtime is generally when we find we have extra time, but throughout the year we have pockets of time open up.Once we have added someone to our “Assistance List”, we will prioritize their need, based on the information we receive. Once we commit to helping, we will get to them as time and scheduling permits. It will require some patience on the part of the recipient. We ask that you fill out our form, with the information requested. There are no set criteria for who you might suggest, other than that:
  • They own their home.
  • Simply tell us who it is that needs some help, and
  • Tell us why you think they are deserving of that help.
  • Feel free to use the form to ask questions as well.

If you have any questions about this community program please call 805-543-3334 and ask for Rich.

~Your Neighbors at Peoples Choice