Monthly Archive: May 2013

Larger Size Laundry Solutions/Problems

My brother-in-law, Bill Bowman, told me that a good friend of his had died recently and that the he didn’t attend the funeral.  I asked him why he hadn’t gone, and Bill said “He’s not coming to mine, so I’m not going to his!” So, you absolutely love the new larger, energy efficient laundry units, […]

Phosphates. . .We’re gonna miss ya! Signed: Your Dishwasher

  Phunnies: A mathematician, an accountant, and an economist are applying for the same job.  The HR person asked the mathematician “What does three plus three equal?”.  The mathematician answered “Six”.  The same question was asked of the accountant, who answered “On average, six, give or take a few percentage points.”  Of course, the interviewer […]

Bigger is not necessarily Better!

The central coast is a beautiful place to live.  Before I get into boring appliance stuff, I want to pass on the philosphy of a friend: Bill Isaman, well respected local architect, and part time philosopher,  suggests: “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. . . . . Teach a man […]